Generel information

Company name: eBlomster Aps
VAT-number (CVR-number): 37634689

Gammeltoftsgade 18, 5. TV, 1355 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Hørskætten 30
2630 Taastrup


Founded: 2016

We accept the follwoing payment cards:
Visa/Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro

Your payment card will be charged when the product leaves our warehouse, which typically is the day before you will receive the product.

Personal data
We reserve the right to save your details when you submit an order to eBlomster. We do this to enhance the customer experience and ensure a n efficient and convenient order process for returning customers. Your data will never be shared with others and is only available employees of eBlomster ApS who has a valid reason to access it. This could be but is not limited to; statistical surveys or other research that can improve the overall customer experience.

All our packages are delivered with our logistic partner PostDanmark. We will always try to deliver exactly on the day our customer requests and can do so if we receive the order before 4pm CET. The expected delivery date and cost will be visible on our website when you place an order.

We will always try to deliver the flowers directly to you. If nobody is present to receive the package we can drop it off at a neighbor, a nearby collection point or leave it at the front door. You will also get these options during the order process on our website. We recommend to have the flowers delivered to an address where someone will be present during the day if we cannot leave the flowers by your front door.

When referring to the consumer protection regulations cancellation rights do not apply to flowers. For all goods there is a 14 day cancellation right.
If you wish to cancel your order and return the non-flowers product within 14 days please reach out to our customer service at

Rejection of customers
eBlomster Aps reserves the right to decline any customer.

eBlomster Aps reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without further notice.