Frequently Asked Questions

Flowers delivered directly to you home is a new concept in Denmark so we have tried to answer a bunch of questions and answered below.

Please always feel free to reach out to us if your question is not answered below. We will answer all inquiries as quickly as possible.


Buying and delivery

How do I buy?

Please visit our webshop on your favorite device.

How much and how long?

The price of each individual bundle of flowers is clearly shown in our webshop and all delivery fees is all about fairness. There is a standard next day delivery on all our deliveries.

Can I be sure I will receive the flowers?

We know it is important that you receive the flowers when you expect it especially when there is a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

We can offer you a 95% guarantee that the flowers will arrive on a certain day and is working on a 100% commitment in the nearest future.

How are the flowers delivered to me?

We are currently offering a next day delivery in all of Denmark Tuesday – Saturday via PostNord. Our couriers needs an occasional break so unfortunately we do not deliver on Sundays and Mondays right now. Fortunately is the lifetime of our flowers longer than 2 days so flowers from earlier can still light up the home/office.

When is the daily deadline for next day delivery?

Flowers be ordered before 4pm can be delivered the next day Monday to Friday. Orders received after this will be delivered as soon as possible following the instructions.
Flowers ordered on Saturday, Sunday and Monday can be delivered Tuesday.

Can i order same day delivery?

Not right now, but we are looking into options.

Where do you deliver?

Over all of Denmark. Unfortunately we are currently not able to deliver outside Denmark’s borders including Greenland and Faroe Islands.

Do you also deliver to hospitals?

Yes but we reccommend that you reach out to the hospital first and get instructions on how to ensure the flowers reaches the right person.

What if the recipient is not at home at time of delivery?

When you order the flowers you are asked if the courier can leave the flowers by the front door or if it should be dropped off at the nearest collection point:

Fresh flowers should return to water again within 24 hours and no more than 48 hours after being sent from our warehouse.


The flowers

How do you protect the flowers?

We have developed a bespoke box with the right dimensions so your flowers are transported to your home safely and securely. Most plants has a natural ability to protect it against hardships that comes in handy here.

You can for an example gently remove some of the exterior petals if they look a bit old.
The flowers will revitalise quickly when put back into water.

How long will my flowers last?

The flowers will be packed and shipped as fast as possible to ensure you receive them as fresh as possible. The journey from harvest to your table is shorter as our business model allows us to skip several traditional steps.
Each flower has an individual lifespan but expect 7-10 days.

Will the flowers arrive in a bouquet?

The flowers are not delivered in fixed bundles. It is very easy to create beautiful arrangement and we invite you to visit our youtube channel for inspiration.

What if I am not satisfied with your product/service?

Please always feel free to reach out to our customer service center in case of any questions, complaints or other feedback. Our email is



How to pay?

We accept payment cards like VISA, Mastercard and Dankort. We furthermore accept MobilePay and PayPal.

Is it safe?

Our payment system suppliers are fully certified and thus our webshop is secure. We do not store the payment card informations.